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Cloud-based VPN – A Paradigm Shift?

There is a new method for connecting branch offices with corporate HQ or data centers that could greatly change the landscape of Virtual Private Networks device manufacturers (VPN’s.)

VeloCloud replaces “a closet full of gear” with software. “What used to be physical is now run on the cloud,” said Sanjay Uppal, CEO and co-founder of the new technology start up.

A sentence found on VeloCloud’s About web-page sums up their proposition nicely by stating:

VeloCloud, a cloud networking services company, simplifies branch networking by transforming ordinary broadband links into the fast, resilient and secure connections needed by today’s distributed enterprises. VeloCloud is the first to provide all three elements needed to achieve a cloud-delivered WAN:

1) Cloud networking
2) Virtualized services
3) Enterprise-grade Internet

It appears their main focus is on pricing compared to dedicated WAN links and legacy hardware devices currently in use today. They are utilizing a subscription-based model and have a few high-profile customers in Coca-Cola and Merriman Capital. They have a great diagram depicting Before and After WAN connectivity found here.

I love the concept/idea, but something as important as secure, resilient, and manageable inter-office data and voice connections is something that *most* IT departments just don’t jump into without proper due diligence, vetting, and testing.

I tried to sign up for their webinar, but the link says it has ended. I will try to signup again in the next few days and report back.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys and it will be interesting to see what their pricing will be like.