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Can ElasticBox Make a Wave?

ElasticBox is an Information Technology software development and operations (re: DevOps) cloud play provider that has been around a while (website states 2011), and has just recently come across my radar.

My initial impressions on learning about this ‘newish‘ DevOps hosted play provider are as follows:

  1. The concept and business proposition is solid and makes complete sense
  2. I assumed MS TFS or Mozilla etc… provided this functionality already
  3. Why hasn’t someone else thought of this
  4. This will need another level of management to support and maintain

Upon further research, I have found that there are other companies getting into the mix.

  • Ravello Systems Inc. is reported that they will be releasing a tool that will more easily move software development environments from VMware Inc. to Amazon Web Services and Google Inc. clouds.
  • International Business Machines Corp.
  • EMC Corp (a subsidiary of vmware)

I went ahead and signed up for the ElasticBox Developer Edition (which is free versus the Enterprise Edition) and I immediately noticed that vmware was not listed as a Provider. Currently they have the following cloud providers in the Developer Edition:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Compute
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Openstack (grayed out) – I’m assuming TBD in the near future. This is a good sign

The Developer Edition also has some nice sample instances set up to play with. They are:

  • Redis
  • WordPress
  • Rails Quickstart
  • Nginx

Overall, I would say that I’m intrigued by these guys, but unfortunately (for the market), I think they will be purchased before the end of Q2 2015.