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Client Service

Client Service

Todd A. Stevens Consulting realizes that excellent client relations and service is of utmost importance.

Key methods utilized in providing excellent client service are:

- Listen to client's needs and requirements

- Understand client's business and business goals

- Continous and open communications throughout the engagement


Creating Value

Client Service

Todd A. Stevens Consulting fully understands the necessity of today's businesses to do more with less.

By leveraging my vast and varied experience and skill-sets in business and technology, you will attain exceptional value by utilizing a single. reliable, and professional resource for your initiatives.




Client Service

Solution (def): Something done and / or someone that is utilized to deal with and end a problem..

Todd A. Stevens Consulting offers a wide variety of professional and reliable Services to assist corporations in attaining solutions..

did you know?

  • In order to maintain a competitive advantage, every organization desires flexibility and rapidity within budget when it comes to business and technology initiatives.
  • The cost and demands of Information Technology have businesses focusing their internal resources on core competencies and operations, while at the same time, looking for agility and versatility in contingent resources to get critical projects done.
  • As technology becomes an increasingly important component of business operations, the need for qualified IT talent is growing across a variety of sectors in the corporate realm.
  • The view of IT has been gradually shifting to a business partner and differentiator role. To capitalize and deliver on this paradigm shift, a company needs to make fiscally responsible decisions in their Business and IT resource procurements.
  • One of the findings from a 2014 Accenture analysis shows that only 39 percent of executives cited cost savings as a primary benefit of an extended workforce strategy. Far more important is access to skills: About two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents cited the ability to flexibly adjust to changing demands for skills as a key benefit of using project-based workers.

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