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TASC Solutions is willing and very able to assist your company in improving your business by providing a wide range of professional and reliable solutions. A partial list of these solutions are included below.

Whatever your specific needs are, utilize a proven and dynamic solutions provider that knows how to execute and gets things done right.

Consulting - Utilize TASC Solutions' 17+ years of results-driven and professional experience to gain an external and objective view of your business and Information Technology.


  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Properly align Business Strategies with IT Strategy
  • Reduce operational/hard/soft costs
  • Increase departmental AND organizational efficiency
  • Ensure departmental and organizational compliancy
Technical Support - Engage TASC Solutions for assistance in any type of technical capacity.


  • Wide range of technical know-how
  • Virtualized labs to emulate clients' setup / infrastructure
  • Reduce operational / hard / soft costs
  • Specialize in RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

Documentation - In my professional opinion, documentation, along with its corollary, change management are two of the most overlooked yet crucial activities your company can do to help itself.

This is a time-intensive activity that takes attention to detail and patience to do it accurately and professionally. TASC Solutions has performed this solution for numerous clients with exceptional results.


  • Allows for timely troubleshooting
  • Assists in ensuring corporate compliancy
  • Citrix XenServer test/dev environment
  • Can assist in reducing costs by discovering un-used circuits/servers etc...

Ensure that your network, infrastructure, applications, databases etc.. are well documented, up to date, and located in a centralized and secure location. It is a well known fact that 80% of system outages are due to human error. Make sure your entire infrastructure is properly documented and reduce both your chance and of an outage.

Project / Program / Portfolio Management - Whether an 'in-flight' project, or a new initiative, TASC Solutions will be able to step in and quickly assist in whatever capacity is required. Fully versed and certified in the PMI Project Management Methodology, TASC Solutions has managed a wide variety of projects in numerous industries.


  • Better efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services
  • Improved/increased/enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased flexibility
  • Documentation of lessons learned so future initiatives do not experience the same issues
Staff Augmentation - Free up your internal resources, lower your staffing costs, and increase your operational efficiency and effectiveness. The ever changing workplace, workforce, and needs of both businesses and technology initiatives demands a more "unique" and dynamic arrangement of personnel. Allow TASC Solutions to fill in and assist your company in getting the job done.


  • Variable engagement plans (hourly, weekly, project, Time and Materials, etc...)
  • Increased staff and resource flexibility
  • Assists in asset managemt
  • Counteract employee attrition