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TASC Solutions maximizes your RORI by providing an extensive variety of professional and reliable Solutions in one resource.

An example of RORI can be easily depicted in the following scenario:
Your business has a strategic initiative to either implement a new, or upgrade/modify an existing, IT system/application/infrastructure; all of which will require the following skilled resources:
  • Technical Support - $60/hr*
  • Project Management - $100/hr*
  • ITIL / ITSM Implementation - $80/hr*
  • System / Application Testing - $90/hr*
  • Documentation - $60/hr*
  • IT / Business Consulting- $120/hr*

NOTE: * denotes resource rate estimations.

Historically, an initiative such as this would require your company to seek multiple individual resources with the requisite individual skill-sets by utilizing: job boards, recruiters, job advertisements, etc... This method is not only very time consuming and limiting in scope, but this method is also extremely risky in that you do not know if the resource(s) procured actually have the skill-set(s) needed complete your strategic initiative.

Contact TASC Solutions today to save your time, alleviate your risks, maximize your RORI, and implement your initative.